Village and Wilderness

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

- Margaret Mead

We are an incubator for community-based innovators.

Village and Wilderness brings people together – 

Individuals, organizations and civic groups–

Funders, mentors, and innovators who can work together to develop and test new ideas. 

We focus on innovation – because if conventional strategies worked, the problems would be solved by now.

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– Stewart Brand

What We Do

The most common and widespread conservation

problems are local in nature.

We offer mentoring and fiscal sponsorships for startup nonprofits, social entrepreneurs and independent innovators who are looking for new and effective ways to address climate change at the local level. 

We help these innovators research and create new strategies, test their ideas, access funding, and collaborate across industries and domains. 

We also help them share their failures and successes for others to learn from. 

How Do We Help?

While the world struggles with trillions to create global strategies to limit future climate change, less than 2% of private funding helps communities 

Fiscal Support

While the world struggles with trillions to create global strategies to limit future 


Coaching & Mentoring

Creative strategies require confidence and support. We mentor you through the innovation process, asking questions, providing input, and opening the door to new and diverse perspectives.



Communities don’t need scalable strategies, they need replicable ones that have been proven to work. Through our blog we help you share your solutions with organizations and communities who can adapt and use them. 


Do you have an idea for adapting to climate change within your own community?

Want to fund a climate change innovator?